Influence of polymer binder on the physical properties and stability of engineering spoil on a slope

CHEN Shuyue, GU Wei, DAI Quanyu
State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China.
An experiment was performed to study the influence of polymer binders on the physical properties, and stability against a simulated rainfall, of a slope consisting of engineering spoil. Results showed that low polymer binder concentrations (≤500 g/m3) could enhance the air permeability and moisture –retaining capacity of the engineering spoil; however, adding more polymer binder made the hardness of the engineering spoil increase and then decline. With the increase of polymer binder concentrations, the surface (0-5 cm) permeability of the engineering spoil decreased but the permeability of the lower layers (5-10 cm) increased. Polymer binders might reduce runoff and sediment, but the effect becomes weaker with the increase of rainfall. The results of this study have significance for engineering practices. Further experiments are needed to study the effects of binders under other conditions, such as natural rainfall, different slopes, different rock types, different degrees and spoil weathering and different added material, and the chemical interaction between soil and polymer binders.
Keywords: Polymer binder; Engineering spoil; Artificial simulation of rainfall.
Published in Journal of Mountain Science. 2013, 10: 105-115.