Type Class Achievement No. Achievement Name Year
2009 MOE Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research 2nd Prize 2009-054 Land Use/Cover Change and Its Impact on Ecosystem 2009
MOE Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research 1st Prize 2009-007 Mechanisms of Biodiversity Maintenance and Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning Relationship 2009
Beijing Scientific and Technological Award 2nd Prize 2006J-2-005 Law of Near-surface Aeolian Activities 2006
Beijing Natural Science Award 2nd Prize 2006J-2-005 Study on the Law of Near-surface Aeolian Activities 2006
National Natural Science Award 2nd Prize 2005-z-104-2-06-r02 Land use and Soil Erosion in Hilly Area of Loess Plateau 2005

Papers and Books

Type Publisher Details Author Reference Type

Sediment transport and soil detachment on steep slopes: II. sediment feedback relationship

Soil Science Society of America Journal

2009, 73(4): 1298-1304

Zhang GH, Liu YM? , Han YF, Zhang XC


Demographic trade-offs in a neutral model explain death-rate-abundance-rank relationship


2009, 90(1): 31-38

Lin K, Zhang DY, He FL


Global pattern of temperature sensitivity of soil heterotrophic respiration (Q10) and its implications for carbon-climate feedback

Journal of Geophysical Research

2009, 114: G02016

Zhou T, Shi PJ, Hui DF, Luo YQ


How does the conversion of land cover to urban use affect net primary productivity? A case study in Shenzhen City, China

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

2009, 149(11): 2054–2060

Yu DY, Shao HB, Shi PJ, Zhu WQ, Pan YZ


Monitoring the effects of land use and cover changes on net primary production: A case study in China's Yongding River basin

Forest Ecology and Management

2009, 258(12): 2654–2665

Wang H, Li XB, Long HL, Gai YQ, Wei DD


Correction factor to dye-measured flow velocity under varying water and sediment discharges

Journal of Hydrology

2010, 389(1-2): 205-213

Zhang GH, Luo RT, Cao Y, Shen RC, Zhang XC


Biweekly and 21-30-day variations of the subtropical summer monsoon rainfall over the lower reach of the Yangtze River basin

Journal of Climate

2010, 23(5): 1146-1159

Yang J, Wang B, Bao Q


Roles of anomalous Tibetan Plateau warming on the severe 2008 winter storm in central-southern China

Monthly Weather Review

2010, 138(6): 2375-2384

Bao Q, Yang J, Liu YM, Wu GX, Wang B


Antagonistic coevolution limits population persistence of a virus
in a thermally deteriorating environment

Ecology Letters

2011, 14(3): 282-288

Zhang QG, Angus Buckling


A soil particle-size distribution dataset for regional land and climate modelling in China


2011, DOI:? 10.1016/j.geoderma.2011.01.013

Shangguan W, Dai YJ, Liu BY, Ye AZ, Yuan H


Spring Arctic Oscillation-East Asian summer monsoon connection through circulation changes over the western North Pacific

Climate Dynamics

2011, DOI 10.1007/s00382-011-1041-1

Gong DY, Yang J, Kim Seong-Joong, Gao YQ, Guo D, Zhou TJ, Hu M


Earthworms reduce the abundance of nematodes and enchytraeids in a soil mesocosm experiment despite abundant food resources

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

2011, 75 (5): 1774-1778

Tao J, Xu YJ, Bryan S. Griffiths, Hu F, Chen XY, Jiao JG, Li HX


East Asian Studies of Tropospheric Aerosols and their Impact on Regional Climate (EAST‐AIRC): An overview

Journal of Geophysical Research

2011, 116: D00K34

Li ZQ, Li C, Chen H, S.‐C. Tsay, B. Holben, Huang J, Li B, H. Maring, Qian Y, Shi G, Xia X, Yin Y, Zheng Y, Zhuang G


Long-term impacts of aerosols on the vertical development of clouds and precipitation

Nature Geoscience

2011,DOI: 10.1038/NGEO1313

Li ZQ, Niu F, Fan JW, Liu YG, Daniel Rosenfeld, Ding YN


Relationship between the radial growth of Picea meyeri and climate along elevations of the Luyashan Mountain in North-Central China

Forest Ecology and Management


Zhang WT, Jiang Y, Dong MY, Kang MY, Yang HC


Trends in the thermal growing season throughout the Tibetan Plateau during 1960–2009

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

2012, 166– 167: 201–206

Dong MY, Jiang Y, Zheng CT, Zhang DY


Soil respiration in poplar plantations in northern China at different forest ages

Plant and Soil

2012, 360(1-2): 109-122

Gong JR, Ge ZW, An R, Duan QW, You X, Huang YM


Robustness of the aerosol weekly cycle over Southeastern China

Atmospheric Environment

2012, 61: 409-418

Wang WS, Gong DY, Zhou ZY, Guo YX


A review of global terrestrial evapotranspiration: Observation, modeling, climatology, and climatic variability

Reviews of Geophysics

2012, 50: RG2005

Wang KC, Robert E. Dickinson


Contrasting trends of mass and optical properties of aerosols over the Northern Hemisphere from 1992 to 2011

Atmospheri Chemistry and Physics

2012, 12:9387-9398

Wang KC, R. E. Dickinson, Su L, K. E. Trenberth


Atmospheric impacts on climatic variability of surface incident solar radiation

AtmosphericChemistry and Physics

2012, 12: 9581-9592

Wang KC, R. E. Dickinson, M.Wild, Liang SL


Global Atmospheric Evaporative Demand over Land from 1973 to 2008

Journal of Climate

2012, 25(23): 8353-8361

Wang KC, Robert E. Dickinson, Liang SL


Critical assessment of surface incident solar radiation observations collected by SURFRAD, USCRN and AmeriFlux networks from 1995 to 2011

Journal of Geophysical Research

2012, 117: D23105

Wang KC, John Augustine, Robert E. Dickinson


Developed and developing world responsibilities for historical climate change and CO2 mitigation


2012, 109(32): 12911-12915

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Homogeneous record of Atlantic hurricane surge threat since 1923


2012, 109(48): 19601-19605

Aslak Grinsted, John C. Moore, Svetlana Jevrejeva


Potential for bias in 21st century semiempirical sea level projections

Journal of Geophysical Research

2012, 117: D20116

S. Jevrejeva, J. C. Moore, A. Grinsted


Systematic variations of cloud top temperature and precipitation rate with aerosols over the global tropics

AtmosphericChemistry and Physics

2012, 12: 8491-8498

Niu F, Li ZQ


The effect and correction of aerosol forward scattering on retrieval of aerosol optical depth from Sun photometer measurements

Geophysical Research Letters

2012, 39: L14805

Zhao FS, Tan YB, Li ZQ, Gai CS


On the applicability of temperature and precipitation data from CMIP3 for China


2012, 7(9): e44659

Miao CY, Duan QY, Yang L, Alistair G. L. Borthwick


Sea ice desalination under the force of gravity in low temperature environments


2012, 295: 11-15

Gu W, Lin YB, Xu YJ, Yuan S, Tao J, Li LT, Liu CY


Maize residue application reduces negative effects of soil salinity on the growth and reproduction of the earthworm Aporrectodea trapezoides, in a soil mesocosm experiment

Soil Biology & Biochemistry

2012, 49: 46-51

Tao J, Gu W, Bryan Griffiths, Liu XJ, Xu YJ, Zhang H


Potentiation of the P2X3 ATP receptor by PAR-2 in rat dorsal root ganglia neurons, through protein kinasedependent mechanisms, contributes to inflammatory pain

European Journal of Neuroscience

2012, 36(3): 2293-2301

Wang SL, Dai Y, Kimiko Kobayashi, Zhu WJ, Yoko Kogure, Hiroki Yamanaka, Wan Y, Zhang WS, Koichi Noguchi


Inhibition of advanced glycation end product formation by Pu-erh tea ameliorates progression of experimental diabetic nephropathy

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

2012, 60(16): 4102-4110

Yan SJ, Wang L, Li Z, Zhu DN, Guo SC, Xin WF, Yang YF, Cong X, Ma T, Shen PP, Sheng J, Zhang WS


Are people willing to buy natural disaster insurance in China? Risk awareness, insurance acceptance, and willingness to pay

Risk Analysis

2012, 32(10): 1717-1740

Wang M, Liao C, Yang SN, Zhao WT, Liu M, Shi PJ


Other Achievements

  • ESPRE Director, Prof. Shi Peijun undertook the task from the Earthquake Resistance and Disaster Relief Expert Group of National Disaster Reduction Committee & Ministry of Science and Technology as well as National Wenchuan Earthquake Expert Committee, and chiefly edited four volumes of scholar books and one Atlas published for reference.
  • ESPRE took the lead in organizing the compilation of the National “12th Five-year” Disaster Prevention and Reduction Planning.
  • ESPRE systematically completed the scientific and technical support consulting for Southern Ice-rain Disaster and Wenchuan Earthquake, and prepared the internal documents of scientific and technical consulting to cope with the two catastrophes.
  • IHDP-IRG International Core Scientific Planning initiated by ESPRE Director, Professor Shi Peijun and Carlo Jacger, has become one important planning initiated and led by the Chinese scientists in the global change science, indicating that China’s researches in this field has moved toward to the international leading level.