Name Title Position Degree Specialty Duty Type
CHEN Shi Senior Engineer Deputy Director of ESPRE Doctor,Beijing Normal University Environmental Engineering Routine Affairs of ESPRE Full-time
LIU Zhe Engineers   Bachelor, Beijing Normal University Chemistry Comprehensive Office Affairs of ESPRE Full-time
ZHANG Wenjun Engineers   Master, Beijing Normal University Higher Education International Affairs of ESPRE Full-time
SUN Xiaoqin     Master, CAS Ecology Scientific Research Management of ESPRE Full-time
GUO Huanran     Bachelor, Beijing Normal University Business Administration Financial Affairs of ESPRE Full-time
TENG Yuepeng Engineers   Master, Beijing Normal University Nuclear Technology and Application Facilities and Field Bases Affairs of ESPRE Full-Time
LI Dongsheng     Master, CAS Paleontology and Stratigraphy Achievement Affairs of ESPRE Full-Time