The Third International Forum on Landscape Sustainability Science Convened Successfully

The Third International Forum on Landscape Sustainability Science was successfully convened in Beijing from June 9th to 10th. The Forum was hosted by CHESS of BNU and Resource Sustainability and Disaster Reduction Committee of CSNR, and organized by ESPRE. 11 experts from US, Netherlands, Australia and China attended the event and gave presentations, including Professor Wu Jianguo, Professor Matei Georgescu, Professor J. Kevin Summers, Professor Rudolf S. de Groot, Professor Robert J. Lilieholm, Professor Brett Bryan, Professor Xiang Weining, Professor Li Xia, Professor He Chunyang and research fellow Li Xiubing and Zhou Guangsheng. More than 160 participants from 30 research institutes attended the event, such as BNU, Peking University, and Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of CAS, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of CAS, Institute of Botany of CAS, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Lanzhou University, Inner Mongolia University, Xiamen University and Xinjiang Agricultural University. Professor Wu Jianguo and Professor Shi Peijun, Executive Vice President of BNU co-chaired the Forum.