ESPRE Held the 2014 Workshop

On July 6th, 2014, ESPRE organized the 2014 Workshop in BNU, with 69 participants. The theme of the meeting is to consolidate the achievement of ESPRE and prepare the plan for 2015 evaluation. Prof. Shi Peijun, Director of ESPRE and Executive Vice President of BNU, and Prof. Lou Anru, Director of Science and Technology Division, attended the meeting.

The revised Evaluation Rule for State Key Labs by MOST was distributed to participants. Chen Shi, Deputy Director of ESPRE, led the participants to study the new changes in the rule. Meanwhile, Chen Shi gave a presentation on “2010-2014 Construction Progress of ESPRE” from research level and contribution, human resource development, and exchange and operation management based on the evaluation index system in the rule.

The four teams, namely earth surface process, resource ecology, earth surface system model and simulation and regional sustainable development, also made 2010-2014 progress report.

Prof. Shi Peijun, Director of ESPRE, gave a report on the 2015 work arrangement, human resource development and readjustment and housing arrangement. Regarding the 2015 evaluation, Shi stressed that preparation work is very important. He made explanation for representative achievement, suggesting that all groups shall sum up their work from basic research outcome, high-impact factor dissertations and national S&T awards. These shall be presented at the annual academic committee meeting.

Prof. Shi Peijun also noted the importance of human resource development. He stressed that everyone shall be clear with his role and contribution, so as to further promote the overall development of ESPRE.

The meeting timely sums up the achievement and problems of ESPRE and understands the new changes in the evaluation rule. It also clarifies the key work for the coming evaluation, which contributes to further preparing for the evaluation work and standardizing ESPRE management.