Editing Staff of International Journal of Disaster Risk Science Went to US for 2014 AAG Annual Meeting

On Apr. 7-12, 2014, Dr. Li Ying, Editing Director of International Journal of Disaster Risk Science (English ver.), and Dr. Du Juan, Executive Editor, went to Tampa to attend the Association of American Geographers (AAG) 2014 annual meeting. More than 8000 geographic experts from US and other countries attended the event. The meeting covers a number of topics including climate change, sustainable development science, GIS science and remote sensing, urban geography, human health, national disaster and risk.

The Editing Department focused on the three-year follow-up report of the Fukushima accident, the report on weather, climate and health, climate risk management report, and disaster-induced factor, risk and disaster research report. They also followed the presentations on flood, draught, coast disaster, hurricane and their risk evaluation, risk mapping, vulnerability assessment, resilience and public policy. They got to know the latest research achievement and exchanged and looked for article with potential authors andreaders, with great feedback. The editing department reached initial intention of cooperation with Prof. Daisaku Yamamoto from US Colgate University and Prof. Noritsugu Fujimoto from Fukushima University, who made presentations on disaster research of the Fukushima accident.

In addition, the Editing Department also showcased some journals and publications at Springer-Verlag booth, and had in-depth discussion with Melinda Paul, Senior Editor of Springer-Verlag Environmental Science, and Dr. Rober Doe, Senior Publisher of Geography. They exchanged ideas on how the journal can be incorporated in Springer-Verlag’s internal process, how to effectively deal with overseas propaganda and article seeking, and how to rapidly enlarge the impact factor of the journal.