ESPRE Seminar 2013 Was Held Successfully

From July 12 to 13, 2013, ESPRE held Seminar 2013 on the preparation for the assessment of ESPRE by MOST in 2015 with 50 attendees. Professor Shi Peijun, Executive Vice President of BNU, Professor Lou Anru, Director of Science and Technology Division and other academic leaders attended the meeting.

Deputy Director Chen Shi reviewed the working of ESPRE from 2010 to 2013 and summarized the progress of work since ESPRE was firstly assessed in 2010, including team building, S&D projects, S&D results, field base and equipment construction, international cooperation and exchanges. Professor Shi Peijun delivered report on “Assessment Works for ESPRE in 2015”, which proposed new features and new requirements for this round of assessment. He hoped that each team discuss topics on the realizing of representative achievements, the cultivation of young talents, application of national awardsand other ESPRE related works, so as to get ready for the assessment by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015.

        On July 13, 4 research teams of ESPRE including Earth Surface Process, Resource Ecology, Earth Surface System Modeling and Simulation as well as Regional Sustainable Development Mode discussed the above topics and delivered reports respectively in the afternoon. Professor Shi Peijun, Director of ESPRE summarized the conference, pointing out that each team should integrate their research through human activities, model validation as well as the nation’s Ecological Civilization Construction Frame. He also said that team building is the key for future development, each team need to select 2 representative achievements to report in the Annual Session of Academic Committee. He also stressed that ESPRE needs to standardize and strengthen communications with other counterparts so as to boost research level.